“Strategies are intellectually simple; their execution is not.”
Larry Bossidy       


We guide. Your results excel.

StratProM Consulting focuses solely on the science and art of strategy execution through StratProM – Strategic Project Management and successful delivery of projects. As such we provide depth, experience and insight into this field. Having experience from several industries and diverse organizational cultures we learned the secret of strategy and project execution success and translated it into a simple and effective management approach.

The value of StratProM becomes apparent to our clients quickly, and early success becomes a natural stimulator in the further adoption of this management tool.

StratProM is based on the Project Management knowledge domain and consists of selected components that facilitate and manage strategy execution. It is a Top-Down approach, with focus on bottom-line results.

As a specialist firm, we have mastered the application of StratProM to your business and your specific situation to drive results.

We take tremendous pride in our approach, our work, and the results we deliver for our clients.
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