“Strategies are intellectually simple; their execution is not.”
Larry Bossidy     


We guide. Your results excel.

The mission of StratProM Consulting is to serve companies which want to advance in achieving and exceeding business expectations.
Our expertise is in business and technology strategy execution through:
  • Guidance in advancing capabilities critical for successful execution of the business strategy and individual work-projects 
  • Organizing the company’s projects into effective work streams (work-projects)
  • Delivery of successful work-projects

As an extension to in-house resources, StratProM Consulting offers expert advice, know-how, extensive experience, coaching, and excellent results. We are focused on delivery of bottom line results and dedicated to improving the skills of our customers’ staff by modelling, sharing, and coaching. 
Our commitment is to keep our promises each and every time. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations in everything we do. We take tremendous pride in our work and set high standards for ourselves. Our credibility and reputation depend upon it.

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