“Strategies are intellectually simple; their execution is not.”
Larry Bossidy       


We guide. Your results excel.

Our Services and Customer Results  

StratProM Strategic Project Management Consulting Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services to our clients.

Key benefits for our customers are:

  • Improved results of the Business and Technology Strategy Execution 
  • Successful delivery of projects 
  • Growth of internal capabilities critical for the strategy execution and project delivery success    

We provide expertise and support in the following areas:

  1. Guiding the adoption of StratProM - Strategic Project Management
  2. Guiding the launch or revitalization of PMO
  3. Guiding the growth of competencies critical for project success
  4. Project management and leadership
  5. Project Review (health check) and audit
  6. Project management coaching

I.  Guiding the adoption of StratProM - Strategic Project Management

Client Results:

  • Improved business and technology strategy execution
  • Enhanced sustained organizational capability of achieving short- and longer-term objectives through effective strategy execution
  • Reduced inherent risks of strategic initiatives    



The synergistic strategy execution environment is one where the business goals and objectives are clearly articulated, work is aligned with the business objectives, prioritized, and work priorities are consistently applied across all functional areas.

The project supportive environment is one where the executive management recognizes the importance of the project’s ability to achieve the business objectives. Projects are aligned with the business strategy and business objectives. Executive management dedicates the necessary attention to the management of the holistic collection of projects, and provides required support and oversight to individual projects within the collection.

Both results and capabilities of business and technology strategy execution are improved through the adoption of StratProM – Strategic Project Management.

StratProM is a management framework and tool for: 1) orchestration of strategy execution, and 2) execution of strategy elements:  

  • It ensures that the right elements of strategy are being worked on. Changes to strategy are promptly reflected in strategy execution, and all elements being executed have optimal level of resources within organizational constraints.
  • It facilitates planning and subsequent management of the “how”of elements of the strategy execution.

Our work will ensure that when executing their business and technology strategies our clients will:

  • Stay focused on the right work at all times
  • Allocate their resources in optimal alignment with the organizational priorities and achievable efficiencies 
  • Commit to work outcomes quality based on shared understanding of  business opportunities, business pressures, internal and external constraints, and risks       
  • Structure work-projects appropriately, thus securing efficient work throughput
  • Ensure a balanced, efficient, and effective level of organizational support,  oversight, and decision making.   


II.  Guiding the launch or revitalization of PMO

Client Results:

Improved results of collections of projects and individual projects.   


We guide our clients in launching or revitalizing Project Management Office (PMO) with the objective of improving project results and organizational project management capability.

The scope of work includes:

  • Business case and mandate for PMO
  • Measures of PMO value
  • Implementation/revitalization plan for PMO
  • Roles and responsibilities of PMO members
  • Required competencies of PMO members
  • Processes and tools required for PMO to deliver on its mandate

III.  Guiding the growth of competencies critical for project success

Client Results:
Improved skills for sustained project success


Global research of project investments indicates that in spite of the progress achieved over the last 15 years in project management, corporations continue to experience a high rate of project costs overruns, time delays, and reduced scope and business value. There is also a significant problem with project cancellations caused, not by a shifting market and changing business strategy, but by project mismanagement, resulting in wasted money, lost business opportunity, and setbacks of the business strategy.

One of the key sources of this problem is a lack of advanced project management competencies among project managers and project competencies among project team members and functional managers.

With the growing complexity of business environment and time pressure, and increasing dependency on successful projects in achieving strategic objectives, there is a realization by management that the project leadership role requires diverse competencies and broad experience.

Based on our extensive research and strong experience in this area we will work with you to determine which competencies are critical for project managers, and project teams and functional managers in your organization and what strategies you should adopt to see that they acquire those competencies.


IV.  Project Management and Leadership, including:

  • Managing project start up
  • Managing project “distress”
  • Managing project recovery
  • Managing project delivery (full project lifecycle)  

Client Results:

Achieve project’s goals and expected value


Project Start up

A successful project start up sets the tone for the entire project by positioning the project for quality outcomes and for saving time and money down the project road. It is a small investment with very high returns.

Project distress

Projects end up in “distress” because of problems such as lack of clarity or shared understanding of project scope, scope creep, poor business requirements, lack of sponsor or customer involvement, lack of management support, organizational politics, or bad project management. In order to prevent project “distress” we rapidly identify the causes of project problems and develop strategies to correct them. Tight communication is maintained with the project manager, sponsor and management, and the project team is kept motivated, focused and on-task.

Project recovery

We assume the role of the project manager, conduct rapid project assessment, architect project repositioning, develop recovery project plan, and gain the commitment of sponsor, senior management, clients, project team, and other stakeholders. This is followed by disciplined project execution, tight progress monitoring and control, and proactive communication. Project recovery and the rate of improvement are closely measured against project milestones, quality of work, team morale, and the level of confidence of sponsor and senior management. 

Project delivery

The success of any project depends upon the skills and competencies of the project manager. The project manager must not only develop the right project approach and apply correct project management practices, but also effectively manage project intangibles (e.g. morale, commitment, confidence, etc.) and navigate through organizational politics and dynamics.

StratProM Consulting will provide your organization with highly skilled and successful senior project managers to take charge of the project from start to completion. Our project managers will not only manage your projects, but will also coach and mentor your staff in the process.     


V.  Project Review (Health Check) and Audit

Client Results:

Understand project strengths and weaknesses, and secure project success and/or future project success.


Conducting an independent project review or project audit on projects in progress is a way to identify the challenges facing a project and take action that will prevent project failure and enhance the chances for project success. After project completion it is a way to identify what worked and what didn’t, and what learning can and should be applied for future projects. Every project experience within the organization creates valuable knowledge which, if learned from, will advance organizational project expertise. A great deal of this knowledge and experience is being lost. As a result, the same costly mistakes are repeated time and time again.

We produce a thorough and systematic project assessment with a detailed report. For projects in progress we provide recommendations for improvements or changes that will ensure the success of the project.


VI.  Project Management Coaching

Client Results:

Achieve project objectives and improve skills for future projects


Often organizations hire external project managers who are on contract to manage their projects because they do not have internal staff with the training and experience to do so.  Once the project is completed the contract project managers leave, taking with them project knowledge and experience.

An alternative to hiring contract project managers is to hire a project coach. When his/her engagement ends, he/she leaves, but his/her knowledge is transferred to the project manager and project team members within the organization.

Our project coach will be a valuable asset to an organization by imparting practical and hands-on knowledge about how to manage a project. He or she shares specialized knowledge and experience with the project manager and project team while guiding them through the implementation of the entire project. The knowledge, experience and confidence that project managers and team members acquire from our project coach will enable them to manage future projects on their own.

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